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Friday, 23 February 2007

And the prize for the most contrived photo of the year goes to ... the EU

There really is something horribly cultish about the great Brussels bureaucracy that churns out publicity material that has all the subtlety of the 'Watchtower'. When you read it you realise that some Euro-apparatchik with a floaty prozac smile actually believes, I mean fervently believes in a quasi-religious way, the gumph they're writing. I always thought one of the key rules of this sort of thing was never to talk down to your audience; how about
European citizens have grown up with tales of the great explorers who first helped us to understand that the globe is round, and to locate the continents accurately upon it. Many enjoy their holidays beside the coast, the bustle of fishing ports, seafood meals in a harbour restaurant and walks along a beach beside the surf. Some spend time visiting colonies of nesting seabirds or watching whales, or waiting for the fish to bite. Others spend their leisure time restoring and sailing old wooden boats. Still others may watch documentaries about dolphins or penguins on television or at the cinema. Some may work in marine insurance, others as fishermen, others as harbour masters, others in the tourist office of a coastal city.
Ah, the Euro-Ladybird book of Maritime Policy. What can be done to encourage more leisure use of our coast? Well, the EU not ending the UK's derogation on red diesel would be a start. Do we need a Euro-Coastguard? No, thanks. What role should the EU have in coastal governance? None. There. Consultation response complete.

EU Maritime Green Paper may be found here.

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