Sunday, 13 May 2007

A cultural day

Weird weather and the laughter of old friends today, so no substantive blogging. Lunch in a 1930s 'roadhouse' - one of those huge oak-panelled pubs built in Tudor brick on our old 'A' roads when motoring was on empty macadam. A verse from Macneice's 'Birmingham' instead:

Splayed outwards through the suburbs houses, houses for rest
Seducingly rigged by the builder, half-timbered houses with lips pressed
So tightly and eyes staring at the traffic through bleary haws
And only a six-inch grip of the racing earth in their concrete claws;
In these houses men as in a dream pursue the Platonic Forms
With wireless and cairn terriers and gadgets approximating to the fickle norms
And endeavour to find God and score one over the neighbour
By climbing tentatively upward on jerry-built beauty and sweated labour.

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