Thursday, 26 July 2007

Plod isn't getting any brighter, is he?

And they want to let this lot lock people up for months on suspicion?


Nick Drew said...

even made the girl get out & push !

Ed said...

Could happen to anyone!

Seriously though, the police shouldn't be the ones deciding whether to lock people up before being charged. There should be some sort of judicial process where the police can present what evidence they do have to a judge in private and then the judge can decide perhaps on a daily basis whether to keep the suspect locked up for longer.

When we were fighting the IRA the longest anyone could be locked up was 48 hours. Why does it need to be 56 days now?

Roger Thornhill said...

ed, the police do not 'decide' but a judge approves each extension, which I think is 7 days at a time.

Still, 58 days? 28 days should be long enough and is way too long already.

How about 58 HOURS?

ScotsToryB said...

For some reason I'm not getting the link. Will you post the URL, please?