Saturday, 15 September 2007

How Brown could get my vote

The 'populus' analysis that Brown and Cameron have moved ever-closer together on a left / right axis has been given much word-space; the conclusions are that they're fighting to occupy the same space on the centre ground, where the next election will be decided.

I think this is far too simplistic. The diagram below show why. I will vote for whoever is nearest to me not on a one-dimensional axis but on a two (or even three) dimensional conviction grid. And with both leaders in the same place on the horizontal axis, the vertical axis becomes critical.

Of course, its complicated by the fact that I know that Brown is posturing and his real position is different to his public position but that I don't know where Cameron's real position really lies.

Any leader - even Brown - who moves upwards on the scale will be more strongly assured of my vote, and those of the many of you that I know will place themselves in the upper right hand quadrant. Enough said.


Ed said...

Brown is not a libertarian. What worries me is the Cameron appears not to be either...

hatfield girl said...

What would make any one think that a vote will ever be on offer again? The only hope now seems to lie in capitalism itself asserting a few bottom line rules; for democracy does not exist in an economic vacuum, it is, as most who have ever read the history of its development are aware, a condition, together with the protestant ethic, that co-exists with capitalism. Interfere as grossly as this Labour regime does with either, and both are rendered defective in the face of the use of state force.
Almost a century it took the East to learn and the West to be warned, and still the authoritarian moralistic, self-seeking ... (oh, never mind).

Anonymous said...

Indeed, you forgot to plot Cameron's real position, right next to Brown's.