Thursday, 29 November 2007

'Telegraph' photo a clue to press enquiries

Newspapers have, over the years, evolved a useful code that allows the brighter reader to see the way a story is developing. For example, when, next to a column headed 'Unnamed Premiership footballer in rape allegation' they print a photo captioned 'Hans Potato, taking a break from the midfield, opens a supermarket in Glossop yesterday', you can be pretty sure that Herr Potato is the footballer in question.

So when the 'Telegraph' runs a story questioning David Abraham's personal wealth and speculating on whether the 'dirty money' that Labour took came from an outside source, and illustrates it with a picture captioned 'David Abrahams (right) shakes hands with the former Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefeitz at a London party last year', you can be pretty certain of the direction in which the hacks' enquiries are turning.

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