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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Battle lines drawn on DNA database

When some little scrote of a plod exercises his limited cerebrum in suggesting that the time is right for a national DNA database, you know that what we actually need is police reform. It is not the job of plods to engage in political debate, far less to initiate it. This is yet more evidence that the police have drifted too far from their assigned role, and are seeking to establish themselves as an authority 'outside' of society, rather than as citizens in uniform.

No, gentlemen, the time is not right for a national DNA database and it will never be for as long as I have breath in my body. The time is right for a Royal Commission on the reform of the police. The current crop of chief police officers are failing abysmally in their jobs, and are desperately in need of firm leadership and direction from the communities they serve, and even more in need of local accountability to those that pay their wages.

Their call for a DNA database is little more than a smokescreen to disguise their incompetence and manifest failure to provide effective policing to our streets. The remedy is not DNA swabs but a pile of P45s.


Anonymous said...

Emphatic agreement.

John East said...

Speaking as a libertarian I should be in full agreement with you, but I’m still undecided. Genetic profiles are great for catching criminals, and I need to see what the other more nefarious uses nanny state might put them to before opposing a genetic data base.
One reason to oppose this might be problems with health insurance for those with genetic diseases, assuming these can be “read off” from a genetic profile, but this could dealt with easily by denying access to the insurance companies to the database.
I cannot think of any other ways in which this data could be used against us, so I’m only left with my libertarian instincts to object. It would be nice to have some more concrete reasons.

Anonymous said...

John, Have faith, your evidence will arrive in our lifetime. It is very likely that, as soon as the "minor tidying up" of the new treaty is finalised on our behalf (by politicians who won't acknowledge the opinion of the majority) our beloved EU will metamorphose into a Socialist police state.

Whether it will be a National Socialist (Nazi) or an International Socialist (Communist) police state is immaterial. Either way it will be brutal. Ask of Hitler. Ask of Stalin. Ask what they could do with your DNA information then! Just what was Hitler's Eugenics programme all about? There will be scientific proof whether one is a member of some hated minority, or not. No argument, just queue here to become an organ donor today.

John East said...

You win, I'm agin' it.