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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Redwood gets it

If you're not already a visitor to John Redwood's blog, I commend it to you. This post, in particular, from a couple of days ago, shows that Redwood has an instinctive grasp of the way in which Cameron can connect with the Zeitgeist of the nation:
I remember discovering just how deep these feelings can run, and how small the units are that command allegiance, when I inherited the task of remodelling Welsh local government. The 1970s reorganisation created large and unpopular units in many parts of England and Wales. The proposed 1990s scheme I inherited had been based on a bureaucratic view of how large a unit you needed to have a “viable” Council. The bureaucratic idea of viability bore no relationship to how people felt about themselves and their area. I decided instead to recreate the old counties of Wales, and to free the larger boroughs, giving to each their own unitary Council. Wherever I did this it was popular. I remember the representatives of Merthyr, overjoyed that I would give them their own Council after all, saying to me that they would have made me a Freeman of the Borough if only I hadn’t been a “Tory”! That was praise indeed.

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