Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lord, rid us of these cretinous dolts!

Children are to be asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen in new classroom ceremonies. The move would strengthen pupils' understanding of what it means to be British, a review of citizenship by Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney-general, claims.
The Queen will no doubt be quick to dismiss this odious and risible suggestion. An oath of allegiance must be made by one who comes to it voluntarily and willingly; it is a sincere and mature affirmation, not some formulaic ditty dreamt up by some witless fool in the Department of Children's Services. This is the sort of totalitarian rubbish that comes from third-rate minds such as Goldsmith's, without any thought of the implications. Knee-jerk nationalism, government-prescribed patriotism, fatuous and empty gestures that will be more divisive than useful and unctuous flag-waving to disguise a mental and moral vacuity at the heart of Zanu Labour.

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Anonymous said...

What if I wrote: "It is the Whore of Babylon"? What does this conjecture?

Principally, it tells me of males unschooled to be men. A society that abandoned Male-tribalism of individual families, the Gorilla nuclear family if you will of male headship, to the State Community, or chimpanzee hierarchy culture.
It happened in China, abandoning the warlord Seven-Samurai cult to state controlled, one size fits all.
Chinese societies have already been stripped of men. Men cannot say the truth. The Japanese hated it.
White Societies are being moulded. The British hated the Italians and French for being reduced to women's puppets. The German males were more Vermach-ly vocal to stand watching their society slide into subservience .

Socialism promotes homosexuals (sexually inverted males),heterosexuals (sexually incontinent males) and Communists (sexually screwed up males) plus all minorities to exclude the sane White Male.

It is a conspiracy and no one gets it.

Black male cultures will be the last. Gangsterism is just male-posturing that they are men, when they have already been taken over. It is the quiet black men to watch out for, for they are not sold the Black Month myth.

Successful Individuals are taxed for everything, while small penniless collective males are rewarded for their puny offspring of little males.
Socialism is about infecting the male-genepool. Genetically Diseased? - lets find a genetic cures for symptoms. If AIDS symptoms are cured then everyone will have aids as they do get chicken pox and shingles.
Fertility pill in the drinking water? male infertility? who cares, genetic cloning.
The heart of Socialism is anti-men as Fascism, like Islam, is anti-women.
The war is on your very chromosome.