Sunday, 16 March 2008

Zanu Labour comrades go back to the red flag

It appears that Gordon Brown is the only Zanu Labourite left who is still pretending that the party hasn't abandoned fiscal prudence and classless politics. There's a sort of fin de siècle abandon about the rest of the comrades; as Brown plays a brooding Bruno Ganz alone in the bunker, his generals swill champagne in the ante-room and shelter from the oppositions shell-hits. Balls' cry of 'So what?' to Conservative dismay at Brown's high tax budget reveals a truthful recklessness about the comrades. They never really believed in all that New Labour stuff, and now the party's over, they're determined to go down under their true colours whilst singing the red flag.

With the Labour Party losing 20,000 members a year and set to drop below 100,000 voting members by the time we next go to the polls, the one real ray of hope is that the current economic disaster inflicted on the nation's economy by Labour may well be the last. Ever.

If Cameron can hold out against State funding for the dying comrades we just may be able to wipe this ghastly stain from the face of British democracy for once and all.


mags said...

To quote Madame Thatcher

'I'm enjoying this'.


thud said...

Blair and co salvaged the labour party once...I too doubt it can be done again...a comforting thought.

Edland said...

The quick reversion to their true colours really shows what a master Blair really was. Shame he couldn't have been ejected sooner really.

Newmania said...

I enjoyed that as well. I wonder how the ultra mangerialist Blairites are feeling now