Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Waste, Squander and Zanu Labour

Daniel Hannan's column in the Telegraph this morning hits the nail squarely on the head (despite the 'comment' link button being absent from the website today for some reason). Labour inherited a strong and sound economy at a time of unprecedented global economic growth. True vision and prudence could have secured deep, lasting and fundamental reform to our social and economic structure.

Instead, a decade with a vacuous wannabee in No 10 and a second-rate intellect in No 11 squandered an ocean of money on sterile and unproductive short-term political aims leaving us now where Labour always leave us - up Faeces Creek without a propelling tool.

Truly its now time to extinguish this grubby, incompetent little party for ever.


John East said...

Once they've had twelve years in opposition they'll be back. All they have to do is give the Tories time to fill the coffers again, and then promise a stupid and greedy electorate another round of handouts.

God, I'm in a cynical mood today.

Kinderling said...

I don't think the Conservatives have it in them to steer a boat-load of immigrants and the rest of us unwashed. They would lead us into being the runt of Europe and take the money while it's easy.
we need a Honourable James Manning to get us to HALTA and get us back on the road.