Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ian Blair admits that Big State doesn't work

It may be the liberating effect of Boris' natural charm, but Ian Blair has come out today with the extraordinary admission that Labour's Rousseau-esque Big State doesn't work.

"The war between the State and the family is very old" said Conservative sociologist Robert Nisbet; "when the authority of one is strong the authority of the other is generally weak". That black rogue Rousseau it was who wanted to take children from their fathers lest they challenge the authority of the State, and Labour too are striving for a big State that has a personal relationship with every child and every adult to the exclusion of families and intermediate institutions. But as Labour's top cop admitted today, Labour's policy is harmful, divisive and it just doesn't work.

Ian Blair is, for once, right. But in order for families to regain their authority, the State must retreat. Local and intermediate institutions must be strengthened. Brown's deluded phantasma that if he just introduces enough IT - NHS, ID cards, carbon credits, universal child database and all the rest of the useless dross - that the State will gain the levers to micromanage the life of each individual citizen is just that; a phantasm, a useless illusion, a hopeless desperate dry-wank of failure. All Gordon Brown's central Statist controls won't save a single life on London's streets. Only families can do that.

If Ian Blair admits openly that Labour has failed, is failing and will fail if it pursues this absurd Chimera it can't be long before even those within Zanu Labour start facing the fact.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

So Bilderberger Blair is on the defensive eh!

Sabretache said...

"So Bilderberger Blair is on the defensive eh!"

Sounds more like the Vicar of Bray adjusting his position to me.