Sunday, 18 May 2008

I'll agree with Fraser Nelson on this

The abortion debate is one in which we each must listen to our consciences. I make no criticism of those who support the status quo, for such support is in line with their individual conscience. But for myself, the letter reproduced in Fraser Nelson's coffee house piece, and a harrowing article in the Telegraph from a gynaecologist have eliminated whatever doubts I had.

Yes, all MPs should read these accounts before they vote.

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Kinderling said...

A man involved in the first twinkle feat
"Let Zygotes be Zygotes" doth entreat,
Yet discovers upon the child’s not lie’d,
Proclaims an abortion of infanticide.
Whilst the woman gently nurtured nine months cherished,
No longer wants the infant perished
For in the attic are clothes astrewn
Of the babes she droped, all half hewn.