Thursday, 29 May 2008

John Redwood: parallel thoughts

When I posted ten days or so ago urging a freeze on civil service recruitment I thought it was an idea way out on the flank. I certainly don't flatter myself that John Redwood has ever heard of this blog and it's surely therefore parallel thinking that John suggested yesterday that "They should be getting very tough on civil service and quango staff numbers with a full recruitment freeze .."

I'm finding myself in harmony with Mr Redwood much more frequently these days and his blog is required reading - if you don't already, I commend it to you.


John said...

Raedders, it's been noted on the YBW forum that you are missing in action. When will you be back?



Newmania said...

Yes agree ,since I have been reading his blog I have gained a new respect for John Redwood who I used to think was a bit nutty.
The point on the civil service is slightly more complex isn`t it . Numbers are not historically high. It is more the outsourced quango land where the bulge has bulged and that is truly obese.

Trust all well Mr. R