Sunday, 4 May 2008


Ian Blair was reported to be as white as a sheet yesterday when Boris took him aside for a private chat. He was also reported to have been terrified of being filmed clapping the new mayor too enthusiastically in case his Downing Street boss picked it up. Ten years of Zanu Labour and this is what it's come to - an apparatchik police chief scared of his own shadow who has hooked his star to the waning red dwarf of the Great Wanking Fist.

It's the Alice in Wonderland Polly Toynbee world of Labour values that puts the prosecution of litterers and yellow-line parkers above the preservation of the lives of our city's kids, one of whom is murdered every fortnight. Boris' priorities are exactly the right ones. As yet another 15 year old lad lies in the mortuary fridge with knife-rent vitals our common humanity demands that we apply all our resources to slow and halt this evil scourge.

Boris can do whatever he can with the Met, but it will not be enough. Civitas have reported in depth on the proximate reasons for this carnage of the kids; some 57% of black kids are growing up without their biological fathers. Gordon, please listen to me. The State is not an adequate father substitute. Rousseau was wrong. Boys need fathers. Children need families. Single parenthood is not a valid lifestyle choice - it's an open door to deliquency, violence, poverty, idleness, squalor and death.

It will need more than Boris' grip on Ian Blair's scruff to change this course. But it will be a damn good start.

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Tony Kennick said...

You are so right! What have I been missing out on? As the product of a single parent family I should quit my job and go and go start killing people. I think I may know where to start ;-)