Saturday, 10 May 2008

Police roundup

Oh dear. The papers this morning are full of stories that illustrate why the police are incapable of managing themselves, why they shouldn't be run as the national State Police by the government and why we desperately need to take them back under local control.

The first is of a man who spent 18 hours in a police cell and had his fingerprints and DNA samples taken after being arrested by five plods for allegedly dropping an apple core in the street. No doubt they feared he would cause distress and alarm to the immigrants driving on the street without licence, tax or insurance or that he would frighten the gang of thugs peddling skunk from under the nearby Macdonalds canopy.

Secondly is the tale of a pederast police inspector who would make young men strip and expose their parts to him whilst they were being cautioned for drug dealing, theft, robbery and suchlike minor offences. The real question is why his behaviour went unremarked for so long; it was not until a teenage cycle thief, who remarkably seems to have had two parents at home rather than the usual one, complained about it that the matter came to light. A further dozen youths then came forward to confirm that, yes, they had undergone the same procedure. But presumably had considered it so perfectly normal that they hadn't thought to question it. And there may be another score or more youths who provided ex-inspector Gerard Hutchings with his kicks but are too illiterate to have read the appeals to come forward.

Still, there's always the 63 year old postmistress to prosecute for whacking some young scrote around the ear with her parish council minutes. She was cultivating the village flowers for Britain in Bloom when they were exercising their 'Yuman Rights' to kick a ball around carelessly and destroy these symbols of local pride.

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Sabretache said...

You probably recall the 'Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs' campaign. The nadir of which was the grave desecration of the farm owner's mother. At its height, when paint-stripper on cars and smashed windows at night were almost routine occurrences, there was a 'demonstration' by Guinea-Pig suited activists which involved them blocking the A515 for several minutes (complete with police chaperone), whilst parading back and forth inciting hatred for the farmer and support from motorists through megaphones. I just happened to be at the front of the queue of cars halted by this charade. I wound down my window and yelled as loud as I could (which is quite loud, though less so than the demonstrators' amplified bile) - "You're a bunch of terrorist bastards!"

Guess what?

I was arrested and paraded before Burton Magistrates on a charge under the Public Order Act of 'behaviour likely to cause alarm or distress'. I kid you not.