Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Power outage: there's more to this story

A warm May day when no-one had their heating on in the UK, and not at the morning or afternoon peaks of demand, and the country suffers widespread power outages. This was an extraordinary state of events, over which a heavy official silence has descended. There's a lot more to this story.

The scenario that seems to suggest itself is that two power stations, Sizewell and Longanett, coincidentally went offline within minutes of eachother. The system then automatically pulled extra amps from the rest of the online power stations, overloading and tripping out a further seven. At this point the supply voltage across the country was dramatically reduced to cope with the load. It was a sort of domino collapse. This at least is the most likely explanation - though doubtless conspiracy theorists will flood the interweb with theories of Jihadist cyber terrorism and the like.

The system is designed to have a spare capacity of some 20% - but clearly this was not the case in practice yesterday. We need to know why not.

This is symptomatic of Labour's utter neglect of government's vital and legitimate responsibilities in respect of national infrastructure. They have pissed away a fortune in short term pointless and unproductive gimmicks, billions on an unnecessary NHS IT system that will never work, billions to be spent on an ID card system that will fail ignominiously, billions in sterile and unproductive welfare payments, billions more on schools that are micromanaged by Whitehall down to how many minutes of soccer each boy must play each week but which produce little more than rich crops of semi-literate and innumerate teenagers.

Yet on those things that could have been funded - augmenting Victorian sewage and drainage systems, increasing the water supply to SE England, flood defences, military training and equipment, power supply and distribution, the transport infrastructure (road, rail and sea) - Labour have been conspicuous by their lack of interest or investment. This is criminal irresponsibility, coldly calculated for political advantage in that failures in these areas would be unlikely to show up whilst Labour was in office.

Yesterday's outages prove differently. Let's now add up our bills for the backlog of investment in critical national infrastructure, and curse this shabby cabal of corrupt incompetents for having pissed away a trillion in public money over the past decade in gerrymandering.


Newmania said...

Yes and coastal defence leaps to mind as a real issue which has been utterly neglected amidst the gaseous environmentalist green -washing

Andrea said...

Disasters, Hurricanes, Tornados. We’ve all seen the after-effects, entire communities without power. It’s reported that on average 3.5 million people lose their power in the US each week! I just found a generator at that now will protect my family when faced with these unexpected outages. With back-up power, my home and business will now stay well lighted, secure with our air conditioning working. With our generator we won’t have to worry about flooding, the sump pump will keep running protecting us against flooding.

Nick Drew said...

Raedwald you are right this one smells

may have more later

Nick Drew said...

Have been sniffing around - first cut here

Your instincts were spot-on