Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sweeps' festival

We popped into Rochester yesterday at the end of the weekend to catch the tail-end of the Sweeps' Festival - a glorious three-day Kentish bacchanalia. The various competing troupes or tribes of sweeps - and there are many - are like Morris Men. Except in black. And a bit sinister and scary. Well, chimney sweeps would be. Accordians and massive new-age drums overlain with the staccato clash of sticks and clearly a tremendous load of fun being had by all. The sheer wonder and delight in the eyes of a young Asian lad watching with his puzzled family made me feel very proud that the Brits still have thriving cultural traditions such as this.

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Guthrum said...

we went to the Green Man festival in Clun- Bloody Great right up to the point when the Police arrived to interview two of the morris men who were 'blackamoors'like in your picture who may or may not have been in posession of some controlled substances , and the Cops were booed- the revolution has started !!