Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Three things that Labour has done for me

Out on the boat yesterday and in magnanimous frame of mind, I determined to put the vast weight of economic and administrative incompetence from Labour over the past 11 years aside and think really hard about Labour reforms that in any way have made my life better. I came up with 3.

1. Free admission to national museums and galleries
I grew up in London's museums. Bloomsbury and South Kensington were as familiar to me as the fields and woods where I lived; even a rattly old tube ride to the Elephant would bring the reward of a whole day lost in the IWM. Museums are one of the most effective forms of education that there are. From the 1990s on, for a variety of reasons, the nationals began charging. Audiences plunged. From around 2001 Labour did away with the need for charges. An excellent and enlightened government move.

2. The Freedom of Information Act
OK, this is probably one that Labour now regrets having brought into law - and hated by loathsome Tory dinosaurs such as David Maclean MP. However, it's hard to see now it's here that they can take it away. Yes, let the light shine into every aspect of the State.

3. The Oyster card
Hmm I may be scraping the barrel a bit here. I may be swayed by the fact that I got mine free - an example of the sharp elbows of the middle classes taking advantage of one of Ken's rare when-they're-gone-they're-gone offers. Always keep a few quid on it for those unexpected little journeys, thereby avoiding the 'tourist tax' that in effect is what London Transport cash fares are.

Um, that's it.


Kinderling said...

You like the Oyster 'tracker' card. To keep a life-inventory of all your travels? The credit card that credits a bill to you for a mistaken journey? Those perfectly travel cards with perfectly good ticket machines, now costing you more because of the price of anonymity?

Point 3 Sir, goes into room 101.

Thud said...

Not much of a c.v. after 11 years is it?

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