Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Too late, Gordon

France obtains some 78% of its electricity from nuclear power. It's a nation at the forefront of nuclear technology - where the UK used to be. It takes 5 years to build a nuclear power station, plus a year up front here in the UK for the obligatory planning enquiry. The earliest the first of Gordon's new nuclear power plants can come on line is 2014. Presuming the power companies can raise the finance.

Too late, Gordon. While you've pissed away the nation's wealth we've fallen too far behind. Six more years of dependency on the Russian mafia for our gas and the electric from the gas-fired power stations, six more years of high oil prices, will take a dreadful toll on our economy and international competitiveness.

God rot your purblind presbyterian soul.

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Sabretache said...

No argument with GB's energy-ignorant incompetence but it reflects the energy-ignorance of the political class generally and nuclear energy is certainly no panacea.

Consider the Uranium consumption of current global nuclear capacity; then multiply that by what? - 2 - 3 - 10 times, to take account of other countries' plans and aspirations; Check out what's happened to the price of uranium over the past couple of years; then have a look at this:

The Big Hole
An Even Bigger Hole

BHP Billiton are seriously considering removing about four cubic kilometres of overburden to get at the low-grade uranium ore. A project that will take about 4 years and increase annual Aussi diesel consumption by 70% !!. That's before they get to produce any uranium.

The nuclear industry assure us that technological developments involving fast-breeder type nuclear fuel cycles will eliminate uranium dependency but: 1. There is still not a single non-experimental fast-breeder reactor on line anywhere in the world (after 30 years of such promises) and 2. The industry's own figures estimate a 30-40 year lead time for the cycle to become fully self-sustaining (assuming no hic-coughs along the way). In the meantime we will no doubt joint another blind global scramble for what's left of the easily get-at-able uranium, in similar fashion to oil.

I'm afraid that the real implications of the term 'peak oil' have hardly begun to percolate the conciousness of the political class - let alone the general public - yet.