Sunday, 11 May 2008

Villains roundup - Addendum

I overlooked the conviction of one Junior Glasgow,17, last week in yesterday's blog post. Glasgow fired six bullets into an 18 year old youth worker last year.

And whilst I was out on the boat yesterday enjoying life and the fine weather, 16 year old Jimmy Mizzen was bleeding to death in a bakery in a generally quiet area of south London I know well.

I'll bet any reader a fiver that Glasgow, below, grew up without his biological father. Tony Kennick asks quite reasonably how I would reverse the effects of the 60s liberalism and the effects I outlined yesterday. The truthful answer is I don't know; I have strong libertarian instincts that would let anyone do pretty much what they like so long as it doesn't impact on anyone else. But this does affect others. You can't stop women becoming widows, and can't force divorcing couples to stay together, and it would be cruel and wrong to 'punish' them for then bringing up their kids alone. And many of them do a splendid job of it. As we all know, this isn't the issue. The issue is girls having illegitimate kids in the expectation that the State will support them. Welfare creates poverty. Poverty begets failure. Failure begets violence, anomie and massive social and economic costs to society.

The only solution that comes to mind is the safety net of a hostel place rather than a council or social housing flat for single-mothers-by-choice. A hostel in which the girls must be home by 10pm, with no boyfriends staying over and a strict ban on drink and drugs. In which social workers were at hand, and child care available to allow the girls to go out to work. And where adult male role models, professional workers, had a role in the child's development. A hostel place wouldn't be compulsory - it's not a punishment - and single mums by choice could live with their extended families, or rent or buy their own place with their own money instead. But it would go a long way to encouraging young girls to keep their legs closed, or ensure they use contraception if they can't, because there's no lovely new flat and Argos catalogue at the taxpayers' expense at the end of it.

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