Saturday, 3 May 2008

Well Done Boris!

It seems Yougov called it correctly with their penultimate poll that suggested the Boris / Ken split would be 55 to 45 when second preference votes were added in. In the event it was 53.9% to 46.1% - close enough. There will be some worried faces at Ipsos MORI whose 23/24 April poll for Unison called it 52% for Ken and 48% for Boris.

Anyhow, we now have a Mayor who has a natural sense of humour. Over the years I've received much advice of the "Never trust ... " variety which includes dogs with orange eyebrows and men with thin lips, but more often than anything else includes "Never trust people with no sense of humour."

Ken, I have to say, isn't wholly humourless. Brown is. But Boris certainly isn't. And that's very good news for a city such as London.

Right, as soon as I kill this hangover and can see the screen straight, a day on the boat is called for.

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Anonymous said...

Lack of a sense of humour can be an indicator of a sociopathic personality disorder. It's also a very common symptom of autism.