Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Castlereagh Interrogation Centre

The Mirror carries a story that Brown's 42 days detention proposals are flawed because suspects cannot be held for that length of time either in police cells or in overcrowded high security prisons (where suspects would be in solitary confinement, no doubt).

Despite Patrick Mercer's deep misgivings based on his personal experience of detention without trial in Northern Ireland, it seems the government has learned nothing.

No doubt the old architect's drawings for the Castlereagh Interrogation Centre are being studied by the Home Secretary; I wouldn't be at all surprised that if this truly dreadful legislation is passed the government will see fit to build a specialist holding and interrogation centre in West Drayton or somewhere similar.

DUP members will know better than most how Castlereagh was regarded in the Province. And how many lives were needlessly lost from the hatred and loathing of all it represented. Let's hope they search their hearts before they walk through Brown's lobby today.


Jackart said...

IT's a shame that British Liberty will be sacrificed on the Altar of Water Charges for Northern Ireland. Such is the price in Judas' gold for the DUP. I may be mistaken... but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

It’s hard to believe that Patrick Mercer gives a damn about liberty enthralled by war with constant reference to bayonets, boots and a chest full of medals. One minute soldiers are heroes the next he is advising ministers that they need to " insert the toe of their boot into regular Army, Navy and Air Force officers where they do not like having boots inserted", and it would seem that he regards those heroes to be, the single most important piece of kit, “the man who pushes the bayonet". By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.

I think with regard to British freedoms Mercer is the wrong man and, it wouldn’t surprise me if he that endorsed foeticide had a home filled with guns and bloody bayonet galore. The man we should taker notice of is David Davis, who in the name of liberty resigned to become the defender of British freedoms.

This government took from us the absolutely sacred right enshrined in the Magna Carta, the right not to be imprisoned for prolonged periods without being told the charge against you- habeas corpus.

With the Parliament Act and the arranged war on Iraq to give explanation the cornerstone of all our liberties can be set aside, war is always the excuse for relentless erosion of British freedoms which now include thousands of spying CCTV cameras and, a DNA database greater than any regime with thousands of innocent children and a million or more innocent citizens on it. And, ID cards the unwarranted intrusion of the state into our private life.

To add to our troubles the security services estimate there are about 2,000 individuals involved in terrorist plots in this country, apparently because the likes of Mercer voted for war we have now become the enemy of Islam. Five British Muslims were jailed for life for plotting a string of UK bombings. I do not think it wise to allow the immigration of Muslims to swell the number of the enemy within and, fear the prophecy of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood.