Monday, 2 June 2008

Do you trust this man to protect your liberty?

Frankly, I don't. His judgment on every major issue has proven so utterly flawed, so grievously wrong and so calamitous for the nation that his judgment on the 42 days detention issue cannot be but the same.

And when in the few days between now and the Commons vote next week some security service chief or senior police officer 'leaks' some spin-coordinated new threat to increase Brown's climate of fear - as they surely will - I will trust him even less.

So, let's open a book now. Will the 'news' this week be that 500 Jihadist terrorists are working in the civil service, or that police are now tracking 200 terrorist groups, or maybe a raising of the threat level from 'Severe' to 'Critical' just prior to the vote? Perhaps a high profile televised 'raid' with officers dressed in full NBC kit and residents evacuated? Or will they be clever, and 'expose' an assassination threat to MPs on the basis that even the most liberal backbenchers will find the prospect of having their heads sawn off with a breadknife unwelcome? Let's wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Nope, I don't trust him either. especially as he, his aparatchiki, and his politicised police all have form on Function Creep.

But as has been said on another blog, notice how all this lot is building nicely to a crescendo on the same day as several EU referendum/ratification issues come to a head. The Lords debate, the reasonable expectation court case, etc.

And yet another blog has wondered whether the concentration on the "42 days" issue is intended to take the focus off other even nastier bits of the bill. They have form on scheming too, so one cannot trust anything at face value.

Blue Eyes said...

I wouldn't trust him to watch my shopping while I took the trolley back to the rack.

Bag said...

I wouldn't trust him to take the trolley back to the rack.