Wednesday, 11 June 2008

DUP Antediluvian thugs

With their oafish cries of 'Newww Surrendarhh!' the tattooed thugs of the DUP have always represented the Neanderthal wing of the Scottish nation; knuckle-dragging misfits behind whose prominent brow-ridges lies a good inch of bone. The drum is the sole musical instrument they are capable of playing; not for them the complexity of the harp.

Our sole consolation is that natural selection is breeding them out of existence. Their sperm is dead, and no longer capable of fertilizing the wizened and necrose wombs of their women. Within a few decades they will disappear from history forever, and with them all their petty bigotry, spite, hate and inhumanity. Whatever 30 pieces of silver Brown used to bribe their ancient relicts with today will be soon spent, pissed on the winds of time as these Cro-Magnon throwbacks slowly self destruct.

Good riddance. Goodbye.

Update Thursday pm
This is the sort of blog post I always tried to avoid making. Anger and alcohol. It doesn't look pretty today; boorish and nasty, and Anon in the comments has the right of it. Still, I'm going to leave it up as a reminder to myself.


purplepangolin said...

Nice post

Anonymous said...

The DUP aren't Scottish. They're Northern Irish. The Scottish Nationalists (along with Plaid Cymru) voted against the 42 days.

Raedwald said...

Anon - I was referring to where they came from, not where they are now

Anonymous said...

If you consider the Unionists of Northern Ireland to be Scottish, you get onto very thin ice. It could be taken as an endorsement of Sinn Fein-IRA's genocidal violence against those they consider to be insufficiently Irish.

There is also the issue that to dismiss the Unionists as "Scots in Ireland" is to misunderstand the nature of Northern Irish culture and politics. The Unionists have their own very distinct culture which is, at once, Celtic, Irish and British (hence you can go to many a Protestant pub and hear traditional Irish folk music; and I personally know more than a few Unionists who are extremely proud of their proficiency in the Irish language - which they claim is as much their language as it is the language of the Republicans).

The Unionists are really only Scottish in the way that George W. Bush or Abraham Lincoln are English. That is to say, they're not. If the Protestants of Northern Ireland are Scottish, then you and a goodly number of the soi-disant "English" are actually Germans since that is where the Anglo-Saxons originally came from.

I think this kind of thing becomes an unhelpful path to go down and it has the potential to distract us from what really matters: our country - our United Kingdom which is made up of four constituent nations - has been betrayed by its government.

Nick Drew said...

Davis has seized the Queen's Colour now - & all strength to his arm

Anonymous said...

I am the Anon above and, Raedwald, you are a damned big man to say what you have said.

And a big huzzah to David Davis, another damned big man, for having the testicular fortitude to stand firm on this issue even when the so-called party leaders are pussyfooting.

This is why our side will finally win the argument and consign ZanuLabour to the dustbin of history - because we act on principle not on expediency.

Kinderling said...

I appreciate your retraction too, but only that you see something clearer for yourself. If you write honestly, then you offer your readers a dimension we don't get from newspapers and politician: sincerity. Which makes you a friend because you do not write to please anyone.

The battle for the hearts and minds of subservient populations is endless from our mandarins and self-appointed teachers. Blogspheres therefore offer more than the numerous counselling phonelines of perpetual victimhood, they stand up for freedom of conscience.

V said...

I like the idea that you should always remember where you come from. The protistants are Scots and Brits are a collection of people from everywhere from the last 2000 years.

This is true multiculturalism - Most Britons are a collection of Romans, Danes, French, Dutch, Germans and recently, Indians, Pakistani and Polish.

Just because you deny this truth, doesn't stop it being the truth.

We can all live on this wonderful piece of dirt together, but never forget your history - because the next step is editing history, and before you know it, you are down the path of totalitarianism, which is exactly why David Davis resigned!