Monday, 16 June 2008

Guardianistas savage Hutton

When that old Blairist Will Hutton tried to make the case for a federal Europe in the Guardian on Saturday, his opinions attracted over 300 reader comments, around 90% of which are unashamedly hostile. Even the Guardianistas, it seems, are fed up with this manipulation:
- You don't have a clue, do you, Will?
- The article above is nonsense from top to bottom, a farrago of lies and disinformation. Will Hutton is a painfully constructed and fragile skein of ignorance and vanity.
- Good title - shame about the substance of your article which is nonsense.
- What a load of cobblers! What an arrogant anti-democratic typically europhiliac tissue of lies!
- Will Hutton is either hopelessly misinformed here, or is being disingenuous in the extreme.
- Ah, what a surprise; the oldest lie/disinformation of all from Mr. Hutton: the classic false dichotomy - 'this EU or no EU'.
- Will Hutton, pompous and bloated as ever.
- I do hope Will that you had been drinking heavily before writing this astonishing piece of hectoring, factually incorrect, nonsense.
- This article is nonsense from top to bottom.
- Your article frightened me in its totalitarian tone .
- What a load of absolute rubbish by Hutton.
- The younger more astute Will Hutton would have understood the difference between being Pro-Europe and being Pro-Lisbon
- GO **** YOURSELF Will Hutton!
- This article is nonsense from top to bottom, aside from the first paragraph which was about right.
- Predictable dishonest pro-EU propaganda and fearmongering from a 'made man' in the Euro elite.
- your article is nonsense from top to bottom, cant you understand that some of us quite well understand what the eu wants and we don't like it.
Gives a flavour of what Guardian readers think of Hutton's position. The hand-knitted yoghurt sandal wearers have just risen a notch in my opinion.

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But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.