Thursday, 19 June 2008

The life and death of mercenaries

Waste no pity on Simon Mann. Those who take up the life of a mercenary are pushing luck to its limits; their lives end either in a hail of AK47 rounds on some jungle floor or as sad drunks weltering in self pity as they prop up some seedy bar. Mann has shown little conscience for all those he has killed over the years not for Queen and country or for ideology but for money. A mercenary is just a hit-man in a parody of uniform.

As for Mark Thatcher, I've met him and can confirm he really is the vile and odious creature he's been painted. My only hope is that if he does face extradition to answer for his part in Mann's attempted coup that his mother is not alive to see it.


Anonymous said...

Is this evidence of mothers love spoiling the male child? In other words, the father's influence was negligible.

The imprint of identity for males is lacking. Like all rasta gangstas, it is the mother's conscience dwelling within them, influencing and impoverishing their minds rather than receiving the father's mind to be settled. Thus they have to prove they are men, rather than actually being men; the body is male but the nature is female and they are driven compulsively to aggression and adventure to prove to others they are not what they have become.
I think this would make a mean person living in the shadow of their mom.

5cdo retired said...

Spot on. Rather a pathetic figure. As far removed from 'mad dog killer' as you can get. Now he is spilling the beans and tring to enlist support from UK Govt via his MP.

If you get caught a fair result is torture then a .45 in back of head. Rules of engagement and nothing personal.

Guthrum said...

Agree, spolit undisciplined and greedy, much like the the regime they wanted to replace. For an oil rich country EG is a poverty stricken place for the bulk of the population.

The Wonga coup though poorly written clearly implicates the Spanish Government of the time and some of cadres of the South Africa Government

William Gruff said...

A little harsh Raedwald. Whatever his failings, and regardless, Anonymous, of his upbringing, his character, flaws and all, once appealed to 'the powers that be' to the extent that he was trained to serve 'the powers that be' in ways that few others are, and when he was told that he was no longer of service he turned to free-lancing to earn his crust, as many in his and many other fields have, myself included.

I cannot recall who it was said words to the effect that we sleep at night safe in our beds because rough men do dirty work on our behalf, and I agree with 5cdo retired that those who live by the sword should expect to die by it, but, as one who has never served his country in anything other than a generally law abiding, generally tax paying way, I think we do have an obligation to ensure that those of our former servants who may come to be seen as having misbehaved abroad, for whatever reason, at least benefit from some of the safeguards they have guaranteed for us.

Anonymous said...

There all sorts of rough men who protect your pretty hides - from bouncers to spies - and you might be bloody and bruised without them.
See the civilised country of zimbabwe if you doubt this.