Monday, 9 June 2008

Selfish myopic cranks cause real hurt

Three stories about selfish myopic cranks are bubbling around the press at the moment. Nudist parents who scare the hell out of their kids make the running in the Mail, Whilst the Times carries the story of a weird Vegan couple who are driving their child to an early death by starvation and the Telegraph reports on a dying Jehovah's Witness being denied a blood transfusion against the wishes of his kids. All are inflicting their crankish beliefs on others and thereby causing real physical hurt or great distress.

Now, I've always been 100% behind the 'Do what you will' school of thought but it has an important rider - ' so long as it does no harm to others'. Idiots such as these who proclaim their rights to the first half but forget the second need to be constrained by the rest of us. Selfishness is not a right in a free society.


Anonymous said...

Do what you will' - ' so long as it does no harm to others'
Will you die please, so I may stretch my legs or let two immigrants in.


nomad said...

A long time ago I was dating a lass who was a Christian Scientist and thus held similar beliefs about blood transfusions. I told her that should we ever be involved in a road accident which resulted in her needing such a transfusion I would tell the docs to get on with it if it would save her life. Happily this was never needed to be put to the test, but I do not think it would have been right for me to just stand by and watch her die because of some (to me) peculiar belief.