Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What's on Gordon's lavatory wall?

I'd guess that Gordon Brown isn't amongst those public figures that like to display original political cartoons of themselves in their lavatories. At least not those by the Guardian's Martin Rowson. John Major with his underpants worn over his trousers, and both Thatcher and Blair's single maniacal staring eye, all by Steve Bell, fixed in the public mind the human judgment of the nation and all were not bereft of a certain affection. But Rowson's depictions of Brown are savage; a rotting corpse exuding the grave-stench. For a man as devoid of humour as Brown, they must be painful indeed to bear.

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Nick Drew said...

Yer not wrong. When Blair first resigned, Run for the hills! was Rowson's greeting to the heir-apparent

& never mind Major's underpants: Steve Bell's 'IF' had Brown in soiled nappies on the same day

(unfortunately the Grauniad seems to have discontinued the IF archive)