Monday, 28 July 2008

Ask not for whom the bell tolls

PERCHANCE he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.
There is no shame in trying and failing. And if the stress of continuing to strive is killing you, leaving your two young boys without the father they need to grow up with, the greater sin is continuing to strive. That you have tried your best is enough; well done, thou good and faithful servant. It's time now to put your life before your Party. Take a long break. Write a book. Come back to take your seat in the Lords when all the fuss and change is over. You can serve your country better now by calling it quits; despite Prescott's silliness, you're not indispensible - no-one is. And not even your political enemies would relish the corpse-pallor of Rowson's cartoons becoming a reality.


Newmania said...

Nooooo! I wnat him to stay I love him deeply

talwin's testicles said...

Nooooooo! I want him to stay so I can watch him squirm.

Blue Eyes said...

I hate him with a passion but I do feel sorry for his predicament. He has devoted his whole professional life to becoming PM. He obviously thought himself likely to be the best PM ever.

He needs help, probably, and a nice long trip to Florida.

Nick Drew said...

the human sentiments do you all credit but no man has the right to try his hand at being PM to satisfy his (very common) ambition when it is at the expense of the rest of us

and the PLP had no right to foist him on us, knowing (as did everyone in the land) his utter unsuitability

there are greater human tragedies than his, on every street, every week

An accepted leader has only to be sure of what it is best to do. If he trips, he must be sustained. If he makes mistakes, they must be covered. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be poleaxed (Churchill, of course)

Blue Eyes said...

Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to be PM any more. I never did. I must admit I was rather more gleeful at Blair's demise than I perhaps should have been.

Raedwald said...

Blair, the bastard, never gave me a 'champagne moment' - his choreographed exit was designed to rob us of the opportunity to punch the air, shout 'YES!' and untwist the capsule.

Right now, for me, the size of Cameron's majority is less important than the chance for a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution whilst Ireland is still in limbo.

Blue Eyes said...

Yep agreed. We must have DC in asap so that we can trash the treaty.