Saturday, 12 July 2008

Brown's morally repugnant self-interest

Gordon Brown's loathsome and repulsive immoral compass works every time in directing him towards a destination that screws the nation for reasons of selfish partisan comfort. Peter Oborne rightly rips him to shreds in this morning's Mail for an act that can almost be described as treasonous, in passing over for the nation's top defence post a man widely described as "one of the most outstanding officers the British Army has produced since the end of World War II".

Like third-rate political talents everywhere, Brown prefers to appoint persons as talentless as himself, compliant with the myopia and stupidity that flows like sewage from Downing Street.

General Dannatt is a highly talented, honourable, thoroughly decent and altruistic officer who is deeply concerned for the nation's ability to maintain the army that it needs.

God, I loathe Zanu Labour and everything it stands for.


Savonarola said...

A prime example of Brown's master demon at work - his petty, partisan and prejudiced gene directing his decision making. What is point of his so called high IQ if his psychological flaws inform many of the ipmportant decisions he makes.

His fought his feud with Blair via the proxy of policy decisions - always taking the opposite position from Blair's. The prime example of this was Brown's witholding of funds from MoD post the Kosovo and Afghanistan interventions. Result - poor equipment and dozens of deaths.

Pure evil.

Anonymous said...

I thought the head of the armed forces reported to Buck House and not No 10. Am I wrong? Does ER2 have no say in all this?

Bill Quango MP said...

ER2 has no say.

And general Jock Strap on the Andrew Marr show demonstrating he has been studying hard in his spin and evasion courses.

And do you endorse the things that Dannatt been saying about the way the army's been treated?

SIR JOCK STIRRUP: Well I think that the important thing to recognise in terms of the military covenant is that the public has always appreciated its armed services. There's no doubt about that in my mind. And all the surveys show us that. But from time to time it could do with expressing that appreciation a bit more tangibly. And that's what we've been seeing over the last year or two. And I very much welcome that.

He's at least as good as Prescott was,and will only improve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. More's the pity, especially as her immediate family members have lots of first hand experience.

He should should change his name to Jock Dont Stir-Up. Why anybody these days would want to join the forces, a profession I once contemplated, is quite beyond me.

Umbongo said...


IMHO Strap has been taking lessons from Ian Blair rather than Prescott: yes, the quoted statement is meaningless as a response to the question posed, but it is (more or less) grammatically correct.