Friday, 18 July 2008

Electoral Commission website - party accounts

Until fairly recently, one could access the Electoral Commission's website, use the link to party accounts, be presented with a list of political parties, and view their annual accounts not only for the current year but for previous years.

You try it now. They've redesigned the website making it practically impossible to access this data. Go on, try it. Instead of a list of parties they've got a search box and a date range. Try a query on 'The Labour Party'. See, it's pants. It doesn't work. It's a mess.

How curious that that this amateur non-functioning website has been revised to make it impossible to access party accounts just at the time when Straw is drafting a bill for the State funding of the parties, when Labour are due to publish last year's accounts and reveal another spectacular drop in membership numbers.

OK, so here's a competition. A crisp tenner will be mailed to the first person to find the link on the Electoral Commission's website to Labour's 2007 annual accounts.


Unity said...

Do I get the tenner for pointing out that Labour's 2006 accounts weren't filed until 25 July 2007 and that its 2007 accounts haven't yet been filed but should be due very shortly?

If so, please forward said tenner to a local charity of your own choice.

Unity said...

Oh, and I agree that the new search facility is a crock of shit.

The correct search term is "Labour Party SoA" but as the search engine doesn't treat quotes as enclosing an exact search phrase, that search brings up every entry with any of those words in it.

Anonymous said...

milton keynes here

Anonymous said...

Think your tenner is safe. They are either not there, don't contain the word 'labour' or were published before 1/1/2007 which would be pretty 'clever' but I wouldn't put it past this lot of asshats...

Raedwald said...

Ah, OK. Seems they haven't been posted yet.

Still, a tenner goes to the Licenced Trade Charity.