Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Good riddance, Starbucks

As I've posted previously, I buy my coffee from Auchan and last time it cost £1.17 for a 250g packet. That works out at 5p a mug; say 8p a mug including a half teaspoon of Demerara sugar and a splash of creamer. So I've always quailed at paying £2.50 or so for a cardboard mug of indifferent coffee from Starbucks and its clones.

Now I know this places me beyond the comprehension of the iPod generation who can't seem to walk anywhere in London without a Starbucks coffee in one hand and a water bottle with a baby's teat fitted to it in the other, but I prefer to drink my coffee from a plain porcelain mug sitting in comfort with a cigarette or two. And though I'm quite happy to buy expensive alcohol from pubs and bars without arguing that I could ferment my own more cheaply, it's not the same. Starbucks has made a fetish out of coffee and has forced perfectly ordinary English people to sound stupid when ordering any of the fetishistic Starbucks versions of coffee. Even coffee from which all the essential coffee-ness has been extracted.

So the news that Starbucks is closing thousands of branches across the world is nothing but honey to my ears. Civilisation is reasserting itself; the world is moving back onto its proper orbit.

Now if only we could get rid of those baby-teat water bottles ...


Blue Eyes said...

Mr R you are my hero!

I tried explaining to someone once that it was possible to buy nicer coffee more cheaply in those old-fashioned local cafes of which there are still many in inner London. This person did not believe me. It really p*sses me off that restaurants also go in for pretentious coffee these days. I insist on a boring filter coffee.

Chris said...

Mr R,

If you're making filter coffee, I'd recommend buying one of those aluminium stove percolators that you see everywhere in France. These percolators are cheap and produce really good coffee.

John Page said...

Honey to your ears...? Then you won't be able to hear the music.

Nice blog, by the way.