Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A good time to build

One of the very few things this government is doing right is pushing through the Crossrail Bill before the end of the current parliamentary session. This will allow the necessary land assembly to start, at a time when development land values are falling.

Similarly, as much as I wish Paris had won, for better or worse London will be hosting the Olympics in 2012 and I and other London ratepayers are underwriting the deal. So at a time when construction inflation amongst competing trades for infrastructure and civils projects has been running at 10%, it will be something of a relief to move into a competitive construction tender market that, the vanity and incompetence of designers aside, may allow these structures to be built for their budgeted costs.

The next few years will be an opportune time to catch up with flood defences, sewer replacements and all the other neglected national infrastructure projects that Labour has ignored whilst squandering billions of our income, our savings and the nation's savings on the barren and pointless consumption of the Client State.

The problem is, this idiot ex-Chancellor has shot his bolt; there's damn-all left in the cupboard.


Blue Eyes said...

Agreed. In eras past, HMG took the opportunity to fund infrastructure and other developments to ease the pain of a downturn and to save money on the cost of the works. But Brown ended boom and bust so there was no need to save during the boom to tide us over the bust.

Newmania said...

Ha ha , very good ,I am thinmnikng of doing a loft extension in a few months for similiar reasons .

Newmania said...

I am 'thinking'

Newmania said...
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