Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Top 10 political blogs ...

Although I've never met him, I've got a very soft spot for Iain Dale. He comes across as a really nice bloke; genuine, helpful and always ready to give more recognition than he needs to to the shoals of minnow blogs that swim around the big fish. He's built a real web nexus for sensible political comment, has a sterling record of enterprise and innovation and displays a real sense of duty and commitment to what is really a voluntary activity. A perfect Conservative, really.

So when I rant and rail against the depredations of the Political Class and their negative effect on politics in the UK on here, or elsewhere, I'm aware that Iain is a fully paid-up member of the Political Class par excellence and always mentally mutter 'nothing personal.' TOTAL POLITICS, Iain's new venture, is the house magazine for the Political Class. And as a business venture, I wish him well with it. So when Iain invites nominations for bloggers' top political blogs it leaves me with a moral quandary. Participate, and risk supporting the organ of the Political Class I feel so strongly about, or ignore it and risk being an old dog in the manger. So after a long and hard forty seconds of deep moral equivocation, I've decided to vote, but mainly or, erm, partly for anti-political blogs. See, conscience solved.

So here's my top ten:

A Very British Dude
The Devil's Kitchen
Capitalists @ Work
Angels in Marble
Looking for a voice
Tim Worstall
John Redwood's Diary
Behind Blue Eyes
Stumbling and Mumbling
Archbishop Cramner

No great justification - I've just enjoyed reading all of these over the last year.

Right, carry on.


Blue Eyes said...

Gee thanks! Am I mainly or partly in your view?

Iain Dale said...

Many thanks for your kind words.


hatfield girl said...

Slaving over a hot stove, and the relationship between legal and legitimate, Angels thought of doing the blog vote next week.

Thank you for saying succinctly many of the things that fog my mind R.

Jackart said...

Thanks for putting me at the top of your list - I'm very flattered...

timothy moriarty said...
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