Sunday, 10 August 2008

Buy a baby, get a bribe

Peace Sandberg would have done OK from Brown's latest idea to bribe Britain with its own money. You may recall she popped back to her native Nigeria to buy a baby for £150 because she needed another Council house and her own child was too old to qualify her for priority status. With Brown's proposed £150 bribe to all child benefit claimants she would have been evens.

And Nigerians Oriyome and Tunde Williams would have been quids in; they were claiming child benefit for around 200 made-up children in a fraud that netted them around £1m. A Brownite bribe of £150 per fake claim could have earned them another new Audi.

Of course we also pay child benefit to EU nationals working here who have kids at home in their own countries. I'll bet £150 will come in quite useful in Gdansk or Budapest.

The women having the most babies in the UK in the past few years are immigrants. Here in my part of London they're west Africans; the streets, buses and markets, the surgeries, clinics and care centres are largely filled with Nigerian village girls having babies at my expense. Living in social housing at my expense. And now being bribed by Brown at my expense. Over 20,000 Africans have arrived in my London borough over the past 10 years; far, far too many and many more than we can afford to hand out free services and benefits to.

Oh dear. I'm starting to sound like the loathsome BNP. But it really can't continue. They must take their babies and go back to Lagos or Abuja and make the best they can of it; my wallet is feeling the strain of paying for them all. And Brown's corrupt bribery is the last straw.


Biodun said...

the streets, buses and markets, the surgeries, clinics and care centres are largely filled with Nigerian village girls having babies at my expense. Living in social housing at my expense.

I'm taking that personally as I suspect i live in your borough and I am most certainly not a village girl, thank you very much!

Kinderling said...

Hi biodun,

Please, if you were born in Nigeria, tell me how you got your British status.

The examples I know of two single parent Nigerians, one married her cousin (then divorced), borrowing a baby to get Social Housing. The other stayed in bed and breakfast, had a child until she got Leave to Remain. Through free training based on social diversity and dumbing down of standards the former is now a Social Worker, the other a Nurse.

I do not see this as a success as their children are farmed out to other families whilst they are at work. Their two boys suffer the abandonment of conscience from two people without conscience. I see knives in their future.

What kind of person are you?

Raedwald said...

What kind of person are you?

Uhm, I suspect she's a highly educated, middle class Nigerian woman who pays her way in tax and increased GDP.

The village girls generally can't use the internet, but delight in the novelty of mobile phones.

Kinderling said...

Increasing GDP is much more than being employed. It is the unpaid roles that make a country rich. With the school holidays and these two boys stuck in empty flats I took them to an Adventure park at the weekend. The 14 year old was told to go thru a security check. He felt singled out cos he was black. No amount of the line was full of white chavs and profiling meant he could have had a knife on him would placate him. He perceived himself a victim in every way. The simmering anger of years of neglect has meant he has been expelled from school for a few days from time to time, and sadly, when he finds there are no well paid jobs for the unskilled, demoralized, he may turn to crime.

"Black" becomes the mantra that welcomes him, be it into the nation of Islam or the Socialists of the UK.

And all he needed to be was a man. That is the issue here. Character.

And it all started from an illegal immigrant and a lot of help from the socialists. Thousands of times.

Newmania said...

I used to know a Nigerian very well , we shared a flat at University with two others.

He disappeared without paying his share of rent ...sorry but he did . I base my view of them on that

cabalamat said...

I don't have a problem with immigration in principle. But it depends on the quality of the immigrant, doesn't it? For example I know plenty of people who've migrated to Britain from all parts of the world, hold down well-paid jobs and are an asset to this country.

What we don't want to do is encourage stupid lazy people to come here. Perhaps child benefit should not be paid in regard of children born to stupid parents. This would of course apply to British parents as well as foreigners.