Monday, 25 August 2008

Fathers save lives, not State handouts

In an ill-considered tirade reported by the BBC, Home Office advisor Derrick Campbell (pictured below) alleges that black youths are 'being left to die' because, er, the State isn't giving enough money to Afro-Caribbean citizens.

That 67% of Afro-Caribbean kids are growing up without their biological fathers, and evidence points to this as the major determinant of their drift into crime, gangs and drugs, he doesn't think worth a mention.

Dr Campbell would serve his people better if he encouraged black girls to keep their legs closed and black boys to take up cold showers and cross-country runs. Only by breaking the cycle of bastardy amongst these citizens will the death toll be reduced. It's fathers that save lives, not State handouts.

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Blue Eyes said...

Socialist policy has long aimed to destroy the relationships between individuals so that everyone turns to the state not to their friends and family. It is not surprising that the most "vulnerable" "communities" have suffered worst. You are right, the solution has to come from within communities not from without.