Saturday, 9 August 2008

Georgia makes Belgium look ethnically congruent

The area known as the Caucasus is an ethnic fruit cake that makes Belgium look positively integrated. In Georgia there are Georgians aplenty - Caucasians, in the true sense of the word. There are also Ossetians (Iranian), Russians (Slavs), Armenians, pockets of Greeks, Abkhaz and a leavening of Turkic Azeris.

Around them are Turkmen, Dagar, Lak, Agul, Lezgin, Dargin, Rutul, Cherkess, Adygey, Kabardin, Avar, Nogay, Kumyk, Karachay, Balkar, Kurd, Ingush, Tsakhur, Tabarsaran, Kalmyk and Chechen peoples, all with their own language and all ready to set up their own micro-state as soon as they collect enough AK47s and the BBC pronunciation unit has worked out how to say the President's name.

Europe's purblind expansion into the Caucasus is mistaken. Europe's eastern boundary is a line that runs from the Baltic to the Aegean. Anything east of that is either Russia's natural fiefdom or needs to be strong enough to stand on its own feet without NATO and we should leave them to it.

If Europe's reaction to the current events in Georgia goes beyond vague statements of regret and pleas for jaw jaw rather than war war I'd be very worried. A powderkeg is a benignly safe object in comparison with the volatility of the Caucasus, and a Eurocrat with a box of matches is the last thing we need



Sabretache said...

Well said Mr Raedwald Sir.

But judging by the jingoistic 'wrath of the righteous' being exhibited on a goodly cross section of the blogs I monitor, you are - er farting against thunder.

I also fear there is something much bigger brewing - with this just a curtain raiser to keep Russia (and the Olympics China) otherwise engaged when the show proper begins.

I sincerely hope I am wromg.

hatfield girl said...

Your comment on Dale was enlightening and an antidote to some curious understanding of Russia and its status, R. Absolutely right about natural fiefdoms.

(ps I got Angels vote in before the deadline and voted for Raedwald).

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.