Friday, 15 August 2008

The hypocricy of the 'rights' lobby

I'm going to admit I've never been to a lap-dancing club. There used to be a rough pub around here that had a lunchtime stripper; if she collected enough 50p coins in a pint mug, she'd take her clothes off. Most regulars had seen this many times and grown bored and jaded, and used their 50p's in the fruit machines, from which they some chance of a return, instead. So most of the time she kept her clothes on and sat at the end of the bar smoking and chatting to the barmaid (this was some time ago). Anyway, not really my thing.

But I'm staggered by the hypocrisy and arrogance of the lobby that wants effectively to ban lap dancing clubs on the basis that:
"Our towns and cities should be shaped as far as possible according to residents' wishes, not by the presence of unwanted lap-dancing clubs in the heart of them."
Uhm, and just who do you imagine voluntarily spends enough money to make these places an economic proposition? Doesn't the fact that they're thriving tell you that somebody wants them; in fact, quite a lot of people (erm, men) must want them, surely, or they'd go out of business?

This has absolutely nothing to do with residents wishes or what people want, and everything to do with a joyless, prissy, interfering Puritanism that seeks to decide for other people what's good for them. And I would have thought the centres of towns and cities are exactly the sort of places where such things should be located.


Umbongo said...

Oh dear - it appears that someone, somewhere is enjoying themselves and "women's rights campaign groups Object and the Fawcett Society" don't like it.

Surreptitious Evil said...

I don't know if it still applies but this was the attitude of Glasgow City Council for many a long year. Based on their hideous mix of socialism, Presbyterianism and Catholic dogma, rather than any adherence to wimmin's rites.

Newmania said...

Now here , I disagree , I have been to many such places in fact we had coporate memebership of the Cherokee club ..( woo woo woo). But with bare faced and indefensible hypocrisy I would have a fit if they opened such a place near to me . Whats more I am increasingly bothered by the acceptance of pornography into main stream life and a market is no excuse.
There is a large market for guns ,heroin and other still less savoury products .( Gary Glitter returns to our shores today)

Can we not have a fudge , a compromise in which they are in certain places but are not really accepted so if you really must .... but not by schools for god`s sake

DocBud said...

I went to one such establishment quite recently. One member of our group was so desperate to go inside that he overcame the indifference of the rest of us by paying all our entry fees (not that I'm actually indifferent to the naked female form). Inside there were a few single businessmen and a couple of small groups. The drinks were overpriced and the girls, who were certainly not unattractive, kept badgering people for private dances. After a couple of drinks we moved on.

However, I personally don't see that they do any harm. They tend to be discreet with bouncers on the door. If one takes the view, as I do, that the girls are grown adults who should be free to choose if they want to dance half naked in front of leering old balloons, then what is the problem?

Rushdie nailed it in "Shame" when commenting on George B├╝chner’s "Danton’s Death". The real dialectic of history, he concludes, is epicure v puritan (kick-off 3.00 pm Saturday), between those of us who think life is to be enjoyed and those who prefer to devote their lives stopping us enjoying ours.