Thursday, 28 August 2008

Livingstone should feel at home

News from the BBC that Ken Livingstone is to work as a presidential advisor to Chavez of Venezuela is a mixed blessing. I can't imagine Ken will want to relocate to Caracas, so we must suppose this will be more of a telecommuting job. Worst luck.

Politically corrupt police appointees, soaring rates of violent crime, a naive belief in welfarism and a political rhetoric of 'class war' are amongst the policies pursued by Livingstone in London that will allow him to fit in well in Caracas.

Chavez has created a nation with huge oil wealth but the world's highest murder rate; $50 will buy a 'hit'. Perhaps Ken should invest some of his redundancy payment in one of these:

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Anonymous said...

I have $50, and even if I didn't I'm sure a quick whip round could get the job done many times over - where do I send it?!