Saturday, 30 August 2008

The message is coming across, Darling

"It's nothing to do with me. Not my fault. Yes, it's serious and quite honestly I haven't a clue what to do about it. No, I've no idea what's going to happen over the next year. It looks like the country is going to kick us out and I'm not sure I'll even be Chancellor for much longer."

"I just can't understand why the public aren't supporting us any more. We're really not getting our message across" ( © The Guardian )

Oh yes, we're getting the message loud and clear. As The Dude said, you've stolen our incomes, you've stolen our savings, you've stolen the nation's savings and you've mortgaged our grandchildren. The IMF are sniffing around. The government is bankrupt, your party is bankrupt, your leader is bankrupt of vision or talent. You've closed a third of the country's pubs. You've raised a generation of illiterate, workless welfare slaves whom not even your ill-judged profligacy in health spending can keep from an early grave. Your repressive and utterly illiberal legislation has earned you the nation's hatred. Your weakness, vacillation, incompetence, mendacity, personal avarice, economic myopia and naivety, pious self-righteousness and sheer, utter, absolute ill-judgement have screwed the country.

I hope and pray that the next election will wipe you and your vile Cloaca Maxima of a party from the face of British politics for ever.


Trevor said...


Does this mean that you won't be voting Labour?

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back Radders, tell it as see it!