Friday, 19 September 2008

Bleak prospect for Brown

As Labour gathers for their annual shindig, the talk will be around the extraordinary poll commissioned for the Indescribablyboring, published on Labourhome. Amongst the results:
  • 46.2% want Gordon Brown to lead Labour into the next election.
  • 53.8% would prefer someone else.
  • 56.6% want a vote at Labour Conference to decide whether or not there should be a leadership election.
With the Conservatives polling a stunning 52%, you'd think even Gordon would realise that the game's up. But will he? He's spent the summer writing and honing his blockbusting speech and will deliver it even if the entire hall is on its back legs booing him. He will carry on as if nothing had changed, in a sort of cocoon of self-delusion, like Ceausescu on the balcony of his fantasy palace, he will smile and wave and interpret the angry waving fists as a sign of approval.

Only Labour.

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Blue Eyes said...

Brown doesn't look at polls, remember.