Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Blogging will be s l o w

The stress of moving house is as nothing compared to the stress of changing broadband ISP. Two and a half hours today on the phone today trying to get my old broadband back and my new ISP screwed up and estimates a fortnight. So I bit the bullet and bought a £9.95 dial-up modem just to get back on line in the meantime ...

So slow blogging and email for the next week at 50kbs unless I get really fed up and decamp to (hissssssss!) Starbucks; look out for a bloke with a wifi lappy and a frightening scowl .


William Gruff said...

A fortnight is not screwing up. There's a bit more to switching a high speed internet connection that runs over ageing copper wires owned by a privatised monopoly that has been forced to allow poorly trained engineers from other companies to do as they will with its equipment than simply pressing buttons.

Switching broadband ISPs is like switching banks: fine in theory but fraught with irritation, setbacks, delays and unnecessary expense in practice.

cramerj said...

Ha! So it isn't as slick as all you young'uns say.
Next you will admit that wifi is really magic.