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Friday, 12 September 2008

British Telecom are utter shit

I suppose this must be the second most popular blog post heading after 'Britney Spears tits' and the irrationality of my anger at Indian call centres, Sibelius, Grieg and hold music that spools through whole quarters of hours, promises made and not kept, departments that can't talk to eachother, customer services staff that lie to you just to get you off the phone, broken contracts, frustration, stress and general impotence cannot easily be captured in words.

Needless to say the fervent assurances of one of BT's Bombay babus last week that my broadband would be reconnected in five working days has proven to be more ephemeral than angel piss.

Oh well. A hard copy legal letter to their head office for specific performance, and a claim for loss and damage, and a subsequent default summons to the local County Court when they don't act within seven days, seems the way to go now. Has anyone actually sent the bailiffs in to BT before?


Anonymous said...

They're not as bad as their partners-in-crime Virgin Media.

The Great Simpleton said...

I'll bet their small print trumps your claim.

Newmania said...

You are no longer real Raedwald you are a character in an existential drama which ‘works’ as an image of futility. They will write pretentious reviews of your mournful rage at the imminence of NOTHING .
Working Titles -The Broad band Cometh, Waiting for Broadband , Rosencratz and Guilderstein are Currently unavailable

…..a important work….(Guardian)
…the character Raedwald is deliciously deluded ….(Razzle)
…Raewald`s belief that the broad band will come is by turns tragic terrifying and hilarious …Raedwald ……(.Beano )

patently said...

Tip: download the claim form, fill it in, print it, and end your letter with words to the effect of "Here is a copy of the claim form; the original will be put in the post in 7 days".

If the aim is to focus the mind of the recipient, this step works wonders.

patently said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alfred the Ordinary said...

Please do not use words like B... T... on this blog. It so lowers the tone.

(BT has cost me thousands, and a failed business start up, through their complete ineptitude so those words, to me, are like a red flag to a bull.)

Anonymous said...

4 years on, BT are still utter shite. The broadband service is on and off, on and off, restart, reboot, unplug, reboot constantly. Incredibly slow speeds most of the time, and there's supposedly a new issue every time, and it's never BT's fault, hence never gets fixed.
I also have the added benefit of every time I speak to a bombay twit they ask to speak to my husband as god forbid a woman talk about technology. I can only assume that if I declare my love in the house of the lord BT will provide me with broadband too.