Sunday, 14 September 2008

Change and progress

I was reflecting yesterday, steering the boat on a course for home, that political change is a bit like passage making. Looking ahead, you don't seem to be going anywhere quickly, but looking astern you can see how far you've come. Looking back at posts here a year ago I felt almost like a voice in the wilderness, and my frustration was palpable. Now it seems the rest of the country has caught up; multiculturalism has been officially condemned, the nation has turned its face from the Leviathan State, Labour's economic nakedness is apparent to all and the Harmans, Hewitts and Jowells of Labour's world are sounding like naive cranks rather than authoritative voices.

Each increment of change has been almost imperceptible but we've covered a fair few sea miles and soon that distant bridge will loom over us and we must choose our course with care. Once through, home and safety in the comfort of a secure berth.


Sabretache said...

Ah yes! 'Progress' - the religion of the political classes.

But, be all that as it may, the fact remains that on the real epoch-defining issues of the age - as distinct from the party-political shenanigans that serve to herd the Sheeple into opposing political camps on trivia and provide an illusion of power and influence - the status-quo remains monolithic.

'Progress' is equated with exponential economic (and populations) growth - on a finite planet (a logical absurdity if ever there was one). Resource depletion (particularly hydrocarbon energy) is a 'whistle past the graveyard' taboo subject. And the world is chock full of baddies on whom war must be waged by us Goodies. Any discussion outside of a strict pre-defined orthodoxy is treated as treasonable if seen as potentially effective and ridiculous if the offender can be successfully marginalised. Meanwhile, the phony 'war on terror' is an indispensable tool to keep the Sheeple in a state of pliable fear. The result? Public political discourse is reduced to infantile sound-bites and at a fundamental level, it matters not one jot which political party is at the helm.

But - BIG BIG BUT - The system is about to hit the buffers. BIG-TIME.

William Gruff said...

Do you keep your boat at Strood Yacht Club, Cuxton Marina or Medway Bridge Maraina?