Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Failure of the most basic duty of government

Every sixth former is familiar with Maslow's pyramid of need. Individuals must first satisfy their basic needs for food, water, warmth and shelter before they can use surplus time to get the paintbox out or strum chords on the guitar. As with individuals, so with nations; the most necessary and fundamental function of government is to ensure those things that must be arranged collectively. Food security, energy security, the efficiency of the fighting forces, protection from natural threats such as fire, flood and the sea. Only after these are assured should we use surplus resources to improve life quality at the margins.

With reckless and purblind cupidity, Labour have spent eleven years ignoring the nation's most fundamental securities. It is a failure in the most basic duties of government. Instead they have squandered billions on the fads and pointless obsessions of a cabal of loony cranks, an ever increasing spectrum of joyless social engineering measures. All the while, our infrastructure is failing; water supplies, sewer networks, coastal defences. Our fighting forces are criminally abused and neglected. A nation dependent on imports for half its food has no coherent food security strategy.

And now the lights are going off. A Newcastle University study projects massive power shortfalls in the not distant future; whilst Labour play with toy windmills, our energy generating capacity is dying.

The government is simply not fit for purpose. It has not even the competence to discharge the most basic and fundamental duties. The nation must be given the opportunity to be rid of them, and soon.


Newmania said...

Thats a great post

Umbongo said...

Couldn't agree more but all that's going to happen is that Labour will lose the next election, a few parasites will be released into the real world and the game goes on. No-one responsible will actually suffer: the civil servants will retire on gold-plated pensions, Brown will be appointed to the IMF or some EU quango at a 6 figure salary and ministers will obtain sanctuary in private or public sector outfits leeching on the public purse. Meanwhile, the next government will have to deal with the slurry produced by this one (while being criticised for doing so by members of the outgoing administration, the LibDems and the BBC).

Willy Wombat said...

Newcastle Uni report makes a lot of sense. I have always said that we are only 24hrs away from anarchy.

Give it 24hrs with no ATM, petrol stations unable to serve petrol (electric pumps), tills in Tesco all down and spotty youth unable to count without a bar-code and I'll be glad I renewed the shot-gun licence.

Currently (no pun intended) the Govt's energy policy is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

There's no way that we could get nuclear on stream to help even if we started building today and scrapped the interminable Public Enquiries.

FWIW Germany went from <1% renewable to >15% renewable in 8 years. Still a tad light of the 30% shortfall but it would be a step in the right direction.

Kinderling said...

The Labour Government have run the country like a massive Local Council with people in post who cannot run a broom cupboard.

They spy on anyone free like they are potential criminals because they know they are brokering either a civil war or the start of a Soviet state.