Friday, 26 September 2008

In Memoriam

Craig Marshall lived with his mum Sharon and his siblings Aaron and Shanon on a council estate in Acton. A cheeky-looking lad, he had clearly not succeeded at school. I imagine a bit of low-level drug dealing on the estate - ounces of skunk rather than kilos of cocaine. I imagine he lent a couple of local blokes a small deal 'on tick', and didn't see the danger of standing on their doorstep and demanding his £20 when he really needed it. That's my reading of the report quote:
Two guys had an argument after the boy came to the door. The boy said to them to give him the £20 that he had lent, but they said they didn't want to give it to him and told him 'What do you want to do about it?'
They stabbed him dead. Craig won't skim through tomorrow's 'Sun', reach his twentieth birthday, buy his mum Sharon a Christmas present, or sit in the local dogshit park with a can of lager and a spliffy in tomorrow's sun. Before the new year dawns at least another half a dozen London teenagers will, like Craig, lie like lumps of chilled beef in their local mortuaries awaiting the pathologist's knife.

Craig probably had a pretty crap life, and I'll bet nearly all of his nineteen-year lifespan was spent on that estate in Acton. His mum's utter confusion that the Leviathan State hadn't prevented his death is apparent in her reported quote;
I've lost my baby boy. He was a good kid, he was not mixed up in any gangs. I can't cope with this right now, my mind is just a mess. You hear about these kids dying but nothing is ever done.
And this loads a tragic event with pathos; a belief that it's the council's, the police's, the welfare's or the government's job to keep her and her offspring alive, healthy and provided for, maintain her home and her family, irrespective of their own behaviour. And that's the real sadness to me of this young man's untimely death. The cruelty of the delusion fostered by Brown and Labour that the State can do these things is an evil lie; the whoreson bastards of socialism promulgate it to the weak and credulous such as Sharon Marshall, and it's killing them. The real wielders of the knife that killed Craig Marshall are not on an estate in Acton but are sat smugly grinning around Gordon Brown's cabinet table.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Except for the last sentence, which is WAAAAAY too dramatic (and is too close to the utterences of the sort of race-hustlers who've been saying Labour is killing black kids by not funding their salaries).


Newmania said...

Your subject has overwhelmed your point slightly here R.I agree, I think ,but is there a simple answer? Not a quick one certainly.
I found the terse way you described this boy`s life and death extremely movining .I `m not quite sure why , its the detatchment and the human fact perhaps.

Interesting post , in many ways

Guthrum said...

Bloody sad of course, any violent unatural death diminishes us all. The true tragedy is, as you say, that his family cannot see that it is not 'the Governments' fault.

We are all guilty in allowing this Administration to beguile the population that the State will, provide EVERY solution to every problem.

The problem is the Conservatives are going to offer much the same remedy. More Police to combat crime, why ? they are already an inefficient bureaucratic organisation, corrupted by eleven years of Labour groupthink corruption. etc etc

Despite the Credit Crunch, I see absolutely no evidence of public servants being laid off or even a freeze on recruitment, we will see the State reinforced further and third and fourth generations who due not understand the concept of personal responsibilty.

The shame of this, was the lad was an entrepreneur, in another age he would have suceeded in escaping his beginnings