Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Toynbee's talking arse

Tuesday's always a good day for a laugh; it's the day the Guardian allows Polly Toynbee's arse to talk without sense or restriction. Yep, that big Lady Bountiful booty does its bit and without fail churns out a thousand words of risible bilge. Today's is a cracker. Polly reckons Labour should
  • Legislate for State funding to keep the dying Labour party alive, in lieu of members
  • Legislate to bring in PR to ameliorate Labour's coming electoral wipe-out
  • Legislate to impose State media censorship and ban Murdoch from owning more than one paper
  • Cancel defence spending and use taxes to give people nice treats instead
  • Cement the State's control of all children from birth to age eighteen
  • Tax the rich until the pips squeak
  • Legislate to impose minimum and maximum wage control on private enterprise
Polly thinks "The enemy media would proclaim it all outrageously, dangerously Soviet."

No Polly. Even the Soviets wouldn't be so ludicrously imbecilic. It takes a Toynbee to come up with this sort of crackpot guff.


Blue Eyes said...

Brilliant! I rely on the blogs for reporting Ms Toynbee because I can never handle reading an entire article of hers in one go, let alone force myself onto the Guardian website in the morning.

If we are going to have spending cuts in return for treats, can we have welfare spending cancelled in return for the abolition of income tax?

Newmania said...

Superb ,I was just reading that on the train and the annotations may convey the spirit of my incredulous response :
1 Ha ha f---ing ha
2 F--- Off you cow
3 WTF No no NO
4 Eh ? You what ?
5 More tax
6 Help No no no

I use a thick black marker. Incidentally I have just read La Toynbees "Better Or Worse ".Quite interesting to read alongside "Squander" .What you get from her is what the Fabian element of the Labour Party really want and why they must be resisted with unremitting determination. Why does she dislike us all so much ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the intellgentsia are building up the rationale for Brown's upcoming scorched earth policy.


hatfield girl said...

'Even the Soviets wouldn't be so ludicrously imbecilic.'

And even the Soviets aren't there any more because the Russians voted them out of existence.