Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Worth listening

If you have time, I commend you to listen to last night's live debate on the recession chaired by Evan Davis and aired on R4. Not a politician in hearing range, just experts, yet it made compelling listening.

This is exactly what the BBC is for. We could cut the licence fee by 80%, lose the mass of worthless televisual dross, and still have R3, R4, the World Service and yes, Boris, the Proms.


Newmania said...

I read that Boris article as well and it is a simple but fairly convincing argument with which I agree. I do not however see why the BBC should be killing of Web news with subsidised unfair competition or involving itself with any number of non core activities. In also think its arguments with the Conservative Parrty are entirely born of its own arrogant self regard in the 90s chiefly during a period of wildly biased reporting the taint of which still hangs on in the less regarded corners . Comedy , serials , the web site , that’s sort of thing . It is not pro Labour anymore per se but it is very much Pro Obamah
I would like to see s much smaller BBC doing exactly what we what it for which is as a cultural support , light entertainment and News. I would fund it out of general taxation so as to make the progressive tax system spread the cost more fairly . It should have national purpose to justify a national tax not being a public sector greedy guts sucking the life out of the industry

I also would not accept that the Proms , for example , was elitist I notice a wide range of social classes were involved and this is in fact the great advantage of settled culture it is easy to join and it is easy to perfect you own role and thereby partake of the whole. In the fragmented world of pickled cows being genius this week and unmade beds the next the comedy of manners is doing what it was always designed for , excluding people .The BBC should be shoring up inclusiveness and common reference , coherence and never denigrating the culture of the country which pays for it and is its only raison d`etre.

The right sort of BBC would be a great national asset but there has to be a new contract between the taxpayer and the media . They have to understand what their role is and who finances it

Anonymous said...

Surprising how totally united the panel was, and how completely at odds they were with the mainstream message on TV and broadsheet.

I happened to mostly agree, but they didn't push the "socialism is to blame" point far enough when hammering the central banks. The BoE, Fed and ECB are soviet style central planners, fixing the most important price in the economy - the price of money.