Monday, 20 October 2008

Celebrate this glorious eccentricity

Without a penny of public money a group of enthusiasts has not only raised £3m but built a steam loco of a kind not seen on the country's rails for forty years. And it's absolutely wonderful. The whole project raises two fingers to the State, to air pollution ninnies, to carbon carpers, to elf and safety freaks and every feminised vegetarian metrosexual critic of our national talent. For the new Peppercorn A1 is bursting with testosterone, gleaming steel, hot oil and erupts powerful blasts of steam and smoke like a fossicking dragon; just the sight of it raising steam cheers the heart and brings a fond smile to the stoniest face.

Sixteen years of painful engineering, of casting, turning and machining brass, bronze and steel parts not made for half a century, and finally of jumping through all the hoops for certification to run on the mainline rail network, makes the achievement of 60163's builders second to none.

All the hopeless skunk-toking 'victimised' slaves of Labour's client State rotting on their DFS sofas hypnotised by their plasma screens should weep with shame and envy at what these ordinary but quite extraordinary people have made. I'm bursting with pride at what is the most glorious English eccentricity.


Blognor Regis said...

Hear, hear.

Scrobs said...

Spot on here!

Fantastic feat of engineering and a well deserved cheer from the public pride!

Also agree about the fat lazy pillocks doing bugger all; and that includes all the politicians, enforcement officers, red tape splurgers, whingers, local nobodies, trotskyists, neo-trotskyists, (see 'Fairly secret army for the rest...)

Anonymous said...


I am astonished that they managed to get it through "compliance" and Elf 'n Safety.

Well done all round, chaps.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'll raise a glass to that!