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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Copper comes good

Boaters have become familiar with the deterrent effects of Copper; ever since TBT was banned as an antifouling because it caused lady Dog Whelks to grow penises we've depended on copper as the active substance to keep slime and barnacles at bay. Now hospitals have found that copper pipes kill superbugs, too.

So sorry to amateur push-fit plumbers everywhere; it's back to the Yorkshire fittings and the brazing torch for peace of mind. And throw out those plastic chopping boards that Nanny told us all to use a few years ago; they breed bacteria that are killed by the old wooden 'unhygienic' ones. And Silver kills bugs, too - which is one of the better reasons to keep using Silver cutlery and that Silver lined sauce pan.


Blue Eyes said...

I did always wonder if there was an advantage to copper piping. I have never used those plastic chopping boards. We discard our traditions too lightly - most of them have good experience behind them!

Did you read that study that found that MRSA was killed by using a Morrissons scouring pad put into a microwave oven? Kills 'em stone dead.

Anonymous said...

Is that Coppercoat?

And what did it look like at the end of the season?

patently said...

Sadly, it was our own government inspectors who once toured food preparation establishments to force them to throw out their unhygienic wooden chopping boards and replace them with nice, cleanable plastic ones.